Diane Dodds MEP Non-attached Member of the European Parliament
Follow my work at home and in the European Parliament on behalf of Northern Ireland's farming community.

Agri Agenda for Europe

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Since the introduction of Europe's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in 1983, nearly 800 Regulations have been imposed by Brussels upon the fishing industry. With this over regulation it should come as no surprise that even the European Commission agrees the CFP has failed. It has failed Northern Ireland's fishing industry, our coastal communities and it has failed our seas.

Northern Ireland's fishing industry, both at sea and onshore has the potential to deliver a sustainable harvest to our dinner tables. Through membership of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee I intend to:

  • Play a central role in the review and reform of the CFP.
  • Highlight the discrimination suffered by Northern Ireland's fishermen because of The Hague Preference regime.
  • In the absence any UK Government seeking withdrawal from the CFP, promote maximum involvement by Northern Ireland's fishermen in the management of their fisheries.
  • Support an urgent review of the EU's Long Term Cod Recovery Plan, which continues to have such devastating consequences for the entire industry.
  • Seek transparency with prices throughout the fish/shellfish supply chain.


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