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Programme of activities of the Slovak Presidency
Mr President, Prime Minister, this Presidency will be a pivotal one for the European institutions. Not only do you have important work on economic growth and stability, but much has to be done to resolve the challenges posed by migration flows into and across Europe. However, you also face the challenge of the results of the referendum in the United Kingdom. In a Europe which has been dominated by stories of those fleeing war in Syria and Iraq, this has been a remarkable exercise in democracy.

We now need to lift our eyes to negotiating a settlement. Hardened rhetoric and hollowed-out positions, from which we carp at each other, will simply not help. I hope your Presidency, Prime Minister, will focus on finding real solutions, solutions that help us trade, cooperate and build a better, more secure future for all of our people. If you are able to expedite this process, then your country will indeed have played a pivotal role at this crucial time.


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