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Outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom
Mr President, the people of the United Kingdom have given their verdict and their decision cannot be rewritten. They have recognised that the EU’s problems are not just imperfections and they have said ‘let us chart our own course’. This referendum represents a victory for democracy. The outcome was not one that our outgoing Prime Minister had hoped for. Yet he should be praised for giving the British people their say. For years the people of the United Kingdom have been trying to tell you of their frustrations and concerns about the European Union. You turned a deaf ear, but today you are listening. Now, though, is a time for cool heads.

These institutions, despite what I have heard today, must resist the urge for the knee-jerk reaction. Our nation has not turned its back on Europe. We are not inward-thinking. We have for a long time sought a new relationship with our European allies, a positive relationship based on self-governance, free trade and cooperation, one which makes our world more secure and more prosperous. That does not make us any less European and it does not make us any less optimistic. The United Kingdom not only has the strength of character to succeed for ourselves, but also the inherent humanity to defend the freedoms of our neighbours. Let us look forward to a new era, one in which the European Union and the United Kingdom can work closely and calmly for the benefit of all our people.


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