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Preparation of the European Council Meeting
Mr President, later this month, the Council of Ministers will reconvene and return to the nitty-gritty of tackling the mess created by the EU project’s failed approach to migration and competitiveness.

Despite Mr Weber’s valiant attempts to present this week’s deal in our relationship with Turkey as one of partnership and not dependency, the reality is that migration policy is chaotic, expensive and giving into the bullying of Turkey in terms of visa liberalisation and accession.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister continues to tour the country to sell that other failed deal. Thankfully, for millions of people across the United Kingdom, there is hope. We believe that the extent of our ambitions must be about more than making the best of a bad deal. There is another way. To paraphrase the now-former Director of the British Chamber of Commerce: ‘there can be a brighter future, one outside the European Union’.


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