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Madam President, the continuing captivity of over 200 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok symbolises the senseless human suffering caused by terrorism in Nigeria. We hear frequent reports of some of the girls being forced to take part in suicide bombings, and facing rape, sexual abuse and forced marriage. We in this Parliament must ask whether we have done enough.

It was good to meet with President Buhari when he was here, but we must also share our expertise with the Nigerian Government to ensure that it has the skills in counter—terrorism to combat this terrible evil.

Many in the Chamber today have talked about poverty and social exclusion, but it is also important in Nigeria that we foster a free society, ensure that the fundamental freedoms of religion and conscience are upheld and, quite rightly, we debated this week terrorism in Europe. We should not forget the sectarian terrorism of fundamentalist Jihadists against those on the African continent.


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