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Sinn Fein abdicating role in Brexit process: Dodds

Responding to comments by Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald in a Stormont press conference this morning, DUP Diane Dodds said:

“The DUP continues to work closely with the Government at Westminster to ensure that Northern Ireland’s unique circumstances are accounted for and addressed in the Brexit negotiations. We take our direction and mandate from those who elected us to office, not from the Sinn Fein leadership. 

By refusing to take up their seats in the House of Commons Sinn Fein representatives would rather address the empty corridors of Stormont than represent their constituents at Westminster and make their case directly. Ultimately it is this that amounts to a ‘reckless’ and ‘cavalier’ approach to the concerns of people living across Northern Ireland, including those in border communities. 

It is clear that the Irish Government and nationalist politicians in our Province wish to use a lack of progress on border solutions to press for the whole of the United Kingdom to remain in the Single Market and the Customs Union. Just as Michel Barnier’s proposal to annex Northern Ireland in customs terms was roundly rejected, these efforts will fail. 

We in the DUP recognise that every talks process requires give and take and at times the speed of progress is slower than many would prefer. However all sides should remain calm and avoid distraction. Moving forward we will continue to act in the interests of a sensible Brexit, the stability of the United Kingdom, all the while ensuring that economically and constitutionally Northern Ireland’s place in the Union is respected.’’


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