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Dodds – “time for EU to remove artificial barriers to progress”

Following media reports that an EU Exit deal could be derailed over the UK-RoI border, DUP MEP for Northern Ireland Diane Dodds said;


“The latest Brussels bully-boy tactics are a new low in the Brexit process. Following on from Donald Tusk’s intervention earlier this week, it is clear that the EU’s capacity for compromise and creativity is severely lacking.


At a critical time for negotiations, there is a need for cool heads and practical minds. Differences should be thrashed out at the negotiating table, not through press headlines. 


Any implied threat by Michel Barnier to suspend trade talks again is counterproductive. This shows scant regard not just for communities in Northern Ireland but for German car manufacturers and French farmers who rely on Great Britain as their primary market. 


The EU, including Dublin, have a joint responsibility alongside our UK Government to identify workable options to bridge gaps. 


The DUP continues to work closely with the Government to ensure that progress on Brexit customs solutions protects Northern Ireland’s place in the Union. Talks outcomes must deliver on all of the commitments included in the December Joint Report and not just the narrow, divisive interpretation of the ‘backstop’ promoted by Brussels to date. There will be no internal barriers within the United Kingdom. 


It is time the EU tore down artificial barriers to progress and dropped the ultimatums. Only then can we move toward a Brexit deal that works for everyone everywhere.”


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