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EU trade guidelines lack ambition: Dodds

Commenting after EU leaders agreed guidelines for talks on future relations with the United Kingdom after Brexit, DUP MEP Diane Dodds said:


“These guidelines provide a basis for moving to Brexit talks on the future relationship. The EU commitment to agreeing a comprehensive free trade agreement covering all goods is particularly welcome. The DUP believes securing the closest possible trading relationship between the UK and EU can minimise friction on the border.


However, there is evidence that Brussels has still some way to go to demonstrating that it is serious about securing the best possible deal. These guidelines promise a more ambitious approach but only if the UK changes its mind on leaving the Single Market and Customs Union. This remains out of step with the stated direction of the Prime Minister and the British people.


The demand that the UK should unconditionally grant existing access to British waters for EU vessels after Brexit is also completely unacceptable. The UK will become an independent coastal state and should have the freedom to control access to its waters and natural resources.


In other areas commitments to working closely in areas likes aviation, security, defence and research funding should be welcomed. A sensible Brexit does not mean cutting the ties that our people value. Ultimately a close and vibrant future partnership can be achieved. However this requires full buy-in from both sides. The EU should not limit its ambitions as we enter this critical phase on talks.’’


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