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Dodds Welcomes Fisheries Sanctions

Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week, the DUP's Diane Dodds MEP has welcomed the Parliament's decision to approve a package of measures, which could result in sanctions being applied to Iceland and the Faroe Islands because of their refusal to comply with international fisheries regulations.


"In 2011 mackerel was the second most important species of fish or shellfish landed into Northern Ireland, with a value of £3.2 million landed into Co. Down's fishing ports.  Mackerel is a stock that has been well managed by British fishermen, including those from Northern Ireland and over recent years the stock has increased in size.  However, for 3 successive years Iceland and the Faroes have ignored international agreements regarding the amount of mackerel they can harvest from the north-east Atlantic. In July 2010 I led a delegation of British mackerel fishermen to see Europe's Fisheries Commissioner and back then it was plain to see the only prospect making Iceland see sense on this matter was the threat of sanctions."


"Whilst it is regrettable that sanctions have to be threatened we cannot allow the kind of blatant disregard Iceland and Faroes are exhibiting on this issue to continue.  In risking the depletion of what has been a well managed and sustainable fishery, they are endangering what is one of the most economically important parts of Northern Ireland's fishing industry."


“The onus is now on the European Commission to act upon the wishes of the Parliament and I will be looking to the UK's Fisheries Minister to ensure the package of sanctions, which in this case is specifically targeted at products derived from mackerel, is applied."


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