Diane Dodds MEP Non-attached Member of the European Parliament
Follow my work at home and in the European Parliament on behalf of Northern Ireland's farming community.

Agri Agenda for Europe

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Our farming and agri-food businesses are jewels in Northern Ireland's crown. They are a vital part of Northern Ireland's economy, but nevertheless face important challenges at European level. Sheep EID has proven yet again how out of touch EU policy can be with the practicalities faced by our farmers and how important it is that Northern Ireland has a strong voice at the centre of the Brussels decision making process to secure the best deal possible for our farmers and processors.

The imminent reform of the CAP will confront the agri-food sector with new demands, not the least of which will be with funding. Environmental and animal health legislation that impact upon all parts of the industry requires careful negotiation. Be it with the milk, red meat, poultry and pig sectors or on issues confronting our arable and hill farmers, the DUP's European office, working in parallel with the Stormont and Westminster team will represent the many unique aspects of Northern Ireland's agri-food sector at all levels.

As the DUP's first member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee, I will:

  • Strive to secure and maximise the best possible deal for Northern Ireland's farming sector from the reform of the CAP.
  • Support the continuation of Single-Farm Payments, to help compensate for the higher animal welfare and environmental standards that Europe expects.
  • Seek simplification of current and future regulations that put our agri-food sector at a competitive disadvantage to those from other parts of the world.
  • Work alongside Northern Ireland's agri-food businesses to promote the many positive aspects of the industry and the high quality, innovative products it offers.
  • Lobby to secure a sustainable and sensible approach on policies concerning GM foods.
  • Ensure that the practical difficulties our farmers, big and small, are taken fully into consideration by all the various EC Directorates.


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